Afghanistan Annual achievements

Afghanistan Annual achievements

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Afghanistan annual achievements conference held in kabul


The current situation in Afghanistan is better than before


While Afghanistan has long had persistent humanitarian needs due to years of conflict and recurring drought The Ministry of Economy says that the economic situation will improve by 10 percent in five years.The Deputy Minister of Economy says that he has talked with foreign companies that will soon start working in Afghanistan.The deputy minister says that the stamp project will start soon and the economic situation in the whole world is bad at the moment.
Nazari, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy,said  The design of the Tapi project has been completed.The implementation of this project will start soon.With this, the transit route to Afghanistan will be provided and job opportunities will be provided for Afghans.He added,Foreign companies are willing to work in the country.We are busy talking with most of the companies and we will sign memorandums with some of them soon.This will have a positive effect on the situation in Afghanistan the current situation is better than before

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