Loya Jirga women

Loya Jirga women

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 Civil society demand to involve women in loya jirga


Around 3,000 people from across Afghanistan have been invited to a gathering of Islamic clerics


A loya jirga or a "great council" has been convened in order to elect a new head of state, approve a new constitution or resolve critical issues. Loya jirgas have reportedly been organized since the rise to power of the Hotak dynasty in the early 18th century.

Concerns of civil society for men and women about the upcoming Loya Jirga.
They called on the Islamic Emirate to include women in the upcoming Loya Jirga.
In addition to their speeches at the Jirga, they demanded the rights of girls from the Islamic Emirate.
Civil society members say they act as a connecting link between the people and the government.
The scholars called the formation of this Jirga a positive step and welcomed it.

Civil active, Halima Naseri said ,Women have faced problems in the last 40 years. Despite the fact that women had no involvement in politics, they were still victims of war.
The Islamic Emirate should give women what rights the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) gave them

Civil activist, Ustad Noor Ahmad Waqt sais, In an Islamic system, men and women must play a role in the economic, political and social spheres.
The role of men and women is essential in an Islamic system,Islam also allows men and women to work.
The development of Islamic society depends on women and men

Civic activist Ustad, Khadija Ayoubi said,
Women make up 50 percent of Afghanistan.
Women must be included in Afghanistan's national debates and issues.
And whatever decisions are made against women must be fair

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