World Refugee Day In Kabul

World Refugee Day In Kabul

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World Refugee Day: A celebration of resilience and hope


Isiamic Emirate calls on neighboring countries to help Afghan refugees


World Refugee Day is intended to be a celebration of the human spirit and of the fortitude of the millions of people who, despite being displaced and dispossessed, relentlessly strive to improve their lives and those of their families and communities
Isiamic Emirate calls on neighboring countries to help Afghan refugees in difficult times on world refugee day.
They made the remarks at a gathering marking International Refugee Day. Seven million Afghans have reportedly become refugees.
The Islamic Emirate wants refugees to return to the country.
The number of refugees has been steadily rising since the Taliban took power.

Minister of Refugees Khalil Haqqani said,We must listen to the voices of the people and the refugees  and let their voice reach to international organizations.
The international community must find a solution to the plight of Afghan refugees.
The international community must pay special attention to Afghans.

Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Bilal Karimi said, Our hope is that the countries concerned will provide humanitarian assistance to Afghan refugees.
We hope that the international community will also pay special attention to Afghan refugees at such a critical time and they must provide humanitarian assistance to the refugees.

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