Lack of employment in Afghanistan

Lack of employment in Afghanistan

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 Lack of employment in Afghanistan


More than half a million people have lost or been pushed out of their jobs in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover,


The situation in Afghanistan is critical and immediate support for stabilization and recovery is required, Thousands of job losses have been seen in several key sectors which have been “devastated” since the takeover.These include agriculture and the civil service, where workers have either been let go or left unpaid. In construction, the sector’s 538,000 workers - of which 99 per cent are men – have suffered too, as major infrastructure projects have stalled.

People in Afghanistan are
complaining about the lack of work as well.
People say recent changes have crippled their work.
They say their work has been weakened since the advent of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.
People say they can't afford the necessities of life.
They want the Islamic Emirate to provide work to the people, everything is expensive.
oil and other food items are sold at exorbitant prices.
they can't pay our rent, electricity bills and water bills

 Shopkeeper Esmatullah, said
Construction has been stalled for eight months and many shopkeepers have closed their shops due to lack of work, who do not want to do construction work, so we are facing economic problems

Another shopkeeper  Rahmanullah said,
The Islamic Emirate must cooperate with the people Solve people's problems.
Treat people well.As long as the people cooperate with the Islamic Emirate.And find solutions to these existing problems.

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