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Tree plantation drive kicks off in Kabul.


Kabul Municipal Corporation officials say they will plant 2,00,000 trees this season.


STORY:  The national tree plantation campaign started in Kabul on Monday (February 21), with the Kabul Municipal Corporation claiming that it will plant 200,000 saplings this year.

Deputy Mayor of Kabul:,Abdul Wakil Mutawakil, told an event to mark the day that Kabul Municipality was going to planted 200,000 this year, including 1,2000 woody trees and 80,000 flowering trees.
“At present there are 3 million trees in Kabul that are being maintained by the Kabul Municipality,” he said.
Municipal Corporation officials called on the public to help protect the trees.

“People should plant and protect trees in their homes and parks. People should not allow their children to cut down trees and flowers,” said one of the officials.

War-torn Kabul has a large population and is considered one of the least healthy cities in the world due to its lack of trees.
However, residents are growing aware of the importance of trees and a green environment for human lives.

“Trees are good for human health and soul. We should all plant trees.  We should beautify our environment with trees. Trees are very useful. Our whole country should be green.” Said Hashim, an elderly resident of the city.

In Afghanistan, February is the last month of winter, but officials said plantation will continue until the second month of spring.

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