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Destitute families receive aid as  Afghanistan's hunger and poverty crisis worsens.


With more than half the population of Afghanistan facing starvation, Islamic countries send food aid for 1000 families.


STORY: Food aid, donated by various Islamic countries,  was distributed among 1000 destitute Afghan families in Kabul on Tuesday (January 18) .


Afghanistan is fast becoming the world's worst humanitarian crisis, and on Tuesday U.N. agencies appealed to  donors for $4.4 billion in humanitarian aid for 2022, the largest appeal ever sought for a single country.


According to reports, millions of Afghans are at risk of famine as one of the country's worst droughts in decades which has been worsened by an economic meltdown following the Taliban's sudden return to power last year.


A World Food Programme (WFP) report says a  record 23 million Afghans - more than half the population - face acute hunger, with nearly 9 million one step from famine, and up to 1 million children under five are at risk of dying from malnutrition.


Families who received the aid on Tuesday were grateful but said it would hardly last them a month.


Muhammad Abbas Akhund, Minister for Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority, who supervised the distribution appealed to the international community to provide more assistance to the poor Afghan people and consider it as a humanitarian issue , rather than a political one.


Billions of dollars of Afghan assets overseas  have been frozen by governments since the Taliban takeover, worsening the crisis in the war- torn country of about 40 million people, and causing the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) to warn that 97% could fall below the poverty line by mid-2022

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