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Afghan women activists plead for help in getting education and jobs.


Afghan women activists ask international community to defreeze Afghan money to ensure better conditions in the war ravaged country.


STORY:  Women activists in Afghanistan on  Monday (January 17) once again appealed to the international community to defreeze the Afghan money and help eliminate the problems being faced by  35 million Afghans .
Addressing a news conference in Kabul, the activists said they were thankful to the International community for expressing sympathy with Afghan people, but added that a better show of sympathy would be to release the frozen Afghan amounts that were being held by various organizations.

Social activist for women in Afghanistan Tajwar Kakar said millions of Afghans were jobless and without any means of sustaining themselves.

“People first want food and then education. But if they have no money, how can they get education? You people have frozen the teachers’ money;  you closed the Afghan budget although this money was  not going to Taliban. Then  how you can say that you love humanity? And how can you people love the Afghan people on humanitarian basis?” she said.

Another social activist for women, Mojgan Yousafzai, asked that women should be given part in the government.
“Women should be given part and participation in the government because God has given the rights to women, and these rights should be given to women by the Taliban . Those rights should not be taken away from us because getting jobs and education is our right,” she said.

Since the Taliban came to power in August last year, they have been saying that women would be allowed able to work and study within the limits laid down by sharia. However, not much has been done in that connection.

When the Taliban last ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001, women were barred from employment and education.

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