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Pakistan customs authorities destroy big quantity of narcotics, other contraband in Karachi.


Pakistani customs authorities destroy narcotics and other smuggled contraband worth over two billion rupees at a ceremony on the outskirts of the port city Karachi.


STORY: Pakistani customs authorities destroyed narcotics and other smuggled contraband worth 2470.97 million Pak rupees ($13.79 million) at a ceremony on the outskirts of the port city Karachi on Wednesday (December 29).

The event, organized by Collectorate of Customs (Enforcement) Karachi, was attended by foreign dignitaries, representatives of diplomatic corps, heads of law enforcement agencies, senior government officers and representatives of business community.

Narcotics substances weighing 249 kilograms of hashih and heroin were set on fire whereas 16,732 bottles of liquor, 742 cans and 38,000 tins of beers, smuggled cigarette, tobacco, sheesha flavor, mobile phones and assorted medicines were destroyed at the ceremony.

“Today, we were having a destruction day where we destroyed certain narcotics substances as well as other counterfeit products. As far as today’s destruction ceremony is concerned, we had this and that (its) value would be around two billion Pakistani rupees,”said Feroz Alam Junejo, Collector of Customs Enforcement, Karachi.  

Pakistan is a major conduit for drugs flowing out of its western neighbour, Afghanistan, which is the world's largest producer of heroin and a major producer of hashish.

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