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Pakistan cannot expel French Minister – Sheikh Rashid


Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad says government ready to accept all demands of TLP except the one about expulsion of the French ambassador


STORY:   Pakistan has accepted all demands of banned Islamist group except expulsion of French envoy, Pakistan’s Interior Minister announced , as the group issued threat to march to Islamabad in case all their demands were not met in accordance negotiations held with government.


“Their  (TLP) top issue is the French Embassy and the expulsion of the French ambassador from here. On this issue, the government of Imran Khan , as well as other important people (I have already told you that Pakistan’s armed Forces, all Pakistan’s organizations and the democratic government of Pakistan, all are on the same page). And on that Page it has been decided that we are fine with all other issues except the issue of the French Embassy,” Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad told a news conference in Islamabad on Tuesday (October 26).


Ahmad said the government was ready for everything but the top No 1 demand  of the Tehrik-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) to expel the French embassy.

“That is difficult for us," he said.


Thousands of activists from a banned Islamist group have blocked Pakistan's busiest road, demanding the release of their leader and the expulsion of France's ambassador over the publication by a satirical magazine of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad.


On Tuesday night, TLP announced that it will start its march towards the capital on Wednesday saying if government does not honor its commitment.

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