Afghanistan Flood

Afghanistan Flood

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11 killed in flood in afghan city Jalalabad


Flooding Inflicts Economic Loss Across Parts of Afghanistan


Due to heavy rains and floods in Jalalabad city, Afghanistan last night, people suffered financial and personal losses.
11 members of a family were killed in the floods. The damage caused by recent floods in many provinces of Afghanistan has worried people they are asking for help from the Islamic Emirate.

A resident of the area, Haji Raza Khan said, We have suffered much financial loss.
The floods took away our food items like ghee, flour and other extras

Another resident of the area, Haji Glanbi said,  the floods came upon our houses.
We have suffered a loss of 5 lakhs, our house has been destroyed

A resident of the area, Muhammad Karim said,
It started raining at 10:00 pm and continued until 3:00 pm.
When we realized that the floods came, we took the children out and kept our heads.
We suffered a lot and our house was destroyed

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