Afghanistan Hijab Law

Afghanistan Hijab Law

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Afghanistan Hijab Law


Forced hijab for women in Afghanistan has created a number of problems


A few days ago, the Islamic Emirate announced that women should not go out without hijab
He called the burqa hijab for women.
Afghan women consider the burqa an old tradition and say should not be imposed on Afghan women by force.Afghan women say they do not oppose any woman wearing hijab

Two days ago, the Islamic Emirate wrote in a message to the media that from now on, Afghan women journalists should wear both niqab and hijab.
 Director and Spokesperson for Information and Public Relations,Akif Mohajer said

 Some media outlets have reported on the hijab that the burqa or chador in the newly issued hijab decree is only hijab.However, this is not the as. The decree states that the burqa and the chador are also a hijab, and that the black color hijab, which is used in other Islamic countries for hijab, and is called the Arabic hijab,As well as the veil or chador that our sisters in our rural areas use as hijab, these are all called hijab

 Religious Scholar,Halima Naseri said, The Islamic Emirate's hijab for women is not an Islamic hijab and should not be imposed on women by force.Islam commands women to wear hijab.The hijab has its own conditions in which the hands and face must be visible. The burqa is an old tradition in Afghan society and should not be imposed on women by force .

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