Neza Bazi game in Kabul.

Neza Bazi game in Kabul.

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Neza Bazi game in Kabul.


Tent Pegging or Neza Bazi game has a 5,000-year history in Afghanistan.Horseracing federation was held Niza Bazi in kabul


Tent Pegging or Neza Bazi is an ancient sport Neza Bazi is well recognized sport in many countries in the world. Until this time Tent Pegging or Neza Bazi is just considered as manly sport and performed by man in Pakistan and India. Niza Bazi game was held in Kabul.
Ghazni, Paktia and Kabul teams participated in the games.
And each team consisted of 8 players.
Many people and government officials came to watch the this games.
The game has a 5,000-year history in Afghanistan.
Now people are playing this game as a national game.
The aim of the competition was to encourage people to take up the sport.

Ali Akbar Parwana,
Niza Bazi Federation Vice President, said 'These games are to revive the national game.Niza Bazi throwing is a national sport.Which people have been doing in Afghanistan for a long time.This game is an Afghani and national game'

Director of Physical Training,Nazar Mohammad Mutmain said' The game was not played in the previous government, which will be given more attention after that.For the first time, we were able to play wrestling and Niza Bazi throwing'

Player,Mohammad Farooq Walizada, Player said 'We want the government to build modern stadiums for us in all provinces and to develop this long overdue rural game'

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