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Afghanistan receives medical aid from Chinese Red Cross.


The Chinese Red Cross Committee hands over health sector aid to the Afghan Red Cross Committee in Kabul.


STORY: The Chinese Red Cross Committee handed over health sector aid to the Afghan Red Cross Committee in the capital Kabul on Tuesday (December 21).  

The aid comprises of 33 items for hospitals including computer, wheelchairs, hospital beds and other medical equipment.

The Afghan Red Cross Committee’s Acting President Mati Ul Haq Khalis received the aid.

“As Chinese aid for Afghanistan is continuing, this program was held today, The Chinese Red Cross Committee gave 33 different items for hospitals comprising medical and other technical equipment. Today, the Chinese ambassador is here for this assistance, and we are very thankful to him for this aid,”he told a news conference.

The Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu said China would continue to help Afghanistan.  

“The countries which were solely responsible of this situation of Afghanistan should not close their eyes. The US long war for the last 20 years has affected Afghanistan economically and in other sectors as well. Afghanistan is facing critical time, but China will not leave Afghanistan alone in this situation and It’s support for Afghanistan will continue,”he said.

Yu urged US to de-freeze all accounts of Afghanistan.

Afghan health officials have appealed to the international community to prevent the health sector from collapsing due to an excessive number of patients and a lack of medical equipment.  

The Islamist Taliban's restoration to power following the withdrawal of US-led foreign troops triggered an economic disaster.  

Following more than 20 years of war and a lengthy, widespread spell of dry weather, Afghan humanitarian needs have reached new highs.

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