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Pakistani motorists are relieved after petrol strike called off.


Pakistani motorists feel relieved after a nationwide strike by the pump owners that triggered panic buying of the gas has been called off.


span style="font-size: 11pt;">Story: Pakistani motorists on Friday (November 26) expressed relief after a nationwide strike by the pump owners that triggered a panic buying of gas in the country was called off. 

The All Pakistan Petrol Pumps Dealers Association (PPDA) late Thursday (November 25) called off strike following reaching a deal with the government’s team for increase in the dealers’ profit margin. 

"The talks between the Govt and petroleum dealers association has led to the strike being called off," said Energy Minister Hammad Azhar in a statement posted on Twitter. 

Association spokesperson Jahanzaib Malik confirmed about calling-off the strike after the agreement. He said that they had initially demanded a six per cent increase in their profit margin, but the government had agreed to a 4.4pc raise. 

He said that the price of petrol would be increased after the government announced the rates for next month. 

Mohammad Waqas, driver of a transport vehicle said he could not go to work previous day due to non-availability of petrol.  

“Yesterday was really problematic. I didn’t get petrol and could not go to work. I stayed at home. Today, we have driven out my vehicle after watching news (on television) that petrol is available,”he said. 

“Obviously, there were crowds of people on certain petrol pumps yesterday. But as the strike has ended, petrol is available everywhere today. So, there is no rush seen anywhere,”said local resident, Fazal Khan. 

Large crowds of drivers, with their cars and motorbikes, gathered at petrol stations in main cities, including Lahore, Karachi and the capital Islamabad overnight, ahead of the strike which began at 6:00 am on Thursday. 

Many of the petrol pumps were closed and the few that remained open witnessed long queues of the vehicles, traffic jams, brawls, and panic buying. 

According to the Petroleum Division, petrol stations owned by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) including Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Shell Pakistan, Total and Hascol remained open. 

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